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NEWS - 12-17-03
Its almost 2004 and Mike Q is nearly finished it! Are you ready?
Valenza & Mark Richey of Enflux are in California recording their 1st Demo in Tesla's Studio.
This demo will be shopped to Major labels. For more info click up or die.
So, what has Mikey been up to? Well, besides working 6 days a week and traveling to different parts of
the country like "The Marlboro Ranch" in Montana or Las Vegas, Nevada and participating in a new MTV reality show
in Minot, North Dakota, I have written 15 new damn good songs of which I am super proud of. My attitude and style has changed
so much since this page has been updated so you are in for a definite treat. Everyone, (even You) will love the new Velvasheen & Mike Q.

UPDATES - 12-17-03

New picture page, click the link above or click here to see new mug shots of Mike Q.